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Our clients receive consistent updates so they may keep track of their position throughout our process. You ranking status will be regularly updated, along with any relevant changes in the industry which could affect your business.

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Our SEO plan can consistently send new customers to your business website.

We'll send you a free video analysis showing you our customized strategy to drive more customers to your website. Click "Get Started."

Choose our Milwaukee SEO companyOur Milwaukee SEO Plan: An Overview

Our search engine optimization plan can give your business a huge competitive edge. Search engine optimization (SEO) trumps almost every other advantage in business. The key to success in any business is not just having a great product or service. You need to be able to attract targeted visitors to your store or website. These are individuals that will have a much higher predisposition to purchasing what you have to offer. This is where we can help. In the past, Milwaukee business owners had to work much harder to target their customers, such as purchasing lists containing physical addresses, phone numbers, and even email addresses for people in their target demographic. However, digital marketing has become the primary way by which many companies are able to generate substantial sales, and a large part of this marketing is done through search engine optimization. Here is a quick overview of what digital marketing is and why SEO plays such a large role in the success of any business.

Digital marketing is essentially any type of marketing that is done on the Internet, whether it be by smart device, laptop or desktop. As long as the marketing is done in the absence of print magazines, newspapers, or any type of printed material, it is essentially referred to as digital marketing. Some of the most popular types of this marketing include pay per click (PPC) advertising on Google and Facebook, social media marketing, and email or inbound marketing, to name a few. However, it is search engine optimization that is the key to generating the most traffic from very qualified potential customers.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

We can help get your website to rank on the top of the search engine results pages. It is something that you have probably tried to do, but because of constant changes in the manner in which search engines award rankings, you may not have achieved a first page listing. It takes dedication, constant attention and also a knowledge of how to properly optimize your website to achieve these top positions. It is broken down into a couple sets of strategies. There are the strategies that you need to implement to optimize in your website's internal structure. The other set of strategies pertains to link building. In fact, link building is the key to achieving not only page one positions, but number one positions on the search engine results pages for your targeted keyword phrases.

The Three Most Crucial SEO Strategies

Although there are a multitude of strategies that you can implement to boost your website to the top of the search listings, there are three that must be done. Without these three, you have no chance of ever approaching a page one listing, let alone the number one spot for your targeted keyword phrase.

First of all, you need to use content that is absolutely unique. Also, every page that you post should be a minimum of 750 words. If you think about it from the perspective of the search engine algorithms, if it's brand-new content, not something that has been regurgitated or rewritten, it will be much easier to position this information for people to read on the web.

Second, you need to use videos. You will post videos that can rank on their own, and also embed these videos on your website. The combination of the videos ranking on Google, and embedding them on pages that are targeting the same keyword phrase, can help you reach top positions very quickly.

Finally, there is link building. This is called an off-site optimization strategy. You will want to get links directed at your website from multiple Web 2.0 properties, and these websites can be blogs, forums, or even social media platforms. As long as the content is similar to what you are discussing on your website, this will be considered a much more relevant link. It's also good to get links from websites that are currently ranking high on the search engine listings. It is important to have two or three links pointing to each page on your website, and then add a link every month or two in order to maintain your top positions.

How Long Will It Take To See Search Engine Rankings?

The Milwaukee,Wisconsin business market is extremely competitive. The speed at which you start to see top rankings, and how quickly you generate sales, will depend upon what digital marketing strategies you are employing. It is recommended that you do two or three at the same time in order to see fast and consistent results.

For example, if you want to start seeing immediate results, you can start testing different ads on Google and Facebook using their PPC platforms. You will see results within an hour or two, and can begin to modify your campaigns until they become profitable.

Second, you can create a social media page on Facebook, do a "like" campaign, and start building a page with thousands of followers. Just like an email list, every time that you make a post, people will see that in their news feeds, giving them the opportunity to purchase your products.

Finally, while you are marketing on Google and Facebook, and building your Facebook page followers, you will be doing SEO in the background. The videos may take a few days to rank, and the pages will rank over the next several weeks, leading to consistent traffic on a daily basis. By following this format, you should have no problem at all seeing initial targeted traffic within hours, and a multitude of visitors on a consistent basis because of your search engine optimization efforts.

We are happy to give you this overview of digital marketing and search engine optimization, which should give you a basic idea of how you can begin to market your products or services. Digital marketing is really the key to succeeding online with your business, or driving traffic to your real-world store. Start implementing the strategies today, and before long, you should have more traffic than you have ever had before. Best of all, once you have multiple positions on the search engines, especially page one spots for your most profitable keyword terms, you may not even need to use PPC advertising! This will increase your profits every month, and as your positions continue to improve on the search engines, you can look forward to generating more profits on a consistent basis.